I have a wpmu issue that is really hurting my site

Please read this carefully as it is a little confusing.

Here is a member log in for the wpmu portion of my site:

Username: admindesktop
Password: U3NCWY4fy2tm

If you will notice in the dashboard, it mirrors the main admin dashboard for this site. Also note that the draft is not what it should be. It also displays the main arcade categories.

When I set this up, the intent was for each member to create a blank wp blog (Like a new install).

It has not happened that way. I am averaging around 50+ new sign ups a day and need this issue corrected. After hearing about the upgraded memberrship plugin, I had intended to offer an upgraded membership.

As it stands I need to get this corrected and all current and future sites reset, etc.

I really need your help. This issue is really starting to cripple me.