I have activated 2Checkout, but only see Paypal on Registration

Hello all!

I use Paypal Payments Pro for my main shopping cart, but really need a credit card processor for my Membership. So, being the frugal person that I am (!) I chose 2Checkout. I believe I have done everything that is required, the 2Checkout Gateway shows "Active" in Membership, but I only have a "subscribe" button for Paypal when I attempt to complete a subscription.

Also, on the 2Checkout setup screen for Membership, you have this listed:

In order for recurring payments to log properly you must enable your global instant notifications url pointing to http://site.com/paymentreturn/twocheckout

There isn't a setting in 2Checkout called "global instant notifications", so is this actually the "Approved URL" for the 2Checkout Site Setup?