I have a very basic doubt about buddypress and wordpress integration

1. In the website that I’m working on I think that the content added by users is the most important value of the site. For this reason I think that wordpress posts have the best qualities to archive this content: tags, file uploads, image uploads, etc.

2. By other side, Buddypress have the best tools for interacting: fast way to create an activity, inline comments and favorites.

If i do (1). I need a good front-end-post plugin to create posts an easy way, and always I will have the posts by one side and the activity by other side.

If I do (2). I need a plugin for upload files, another for upload photos and another for tagging (or hashtag) and praying for a good integrating of those plugins.

I’m not sure if explained well my question. I like to build a website with accesible content by search and by tags. But I need that be simple and interactive. And by last, I would like to use plugins that have support for long time. Much to ask? I hope not.

Greetings, and thanks in advance.