I have an issue on one of the sites in my network. It seems


I have an issue on one of the sites in my network. It seems that the charset in comments it not UTF, so letters like åäö are not displayed.

I have done alot of root cause analysis for this, including changing theme, disabling plugins, changing font and converting the database table FROM uft8 and then back, to make sure the database table wp_XX_comments is uft8.

None of this has worked, and the issue can not be reproduced on other blogs in the network. The only difference I can see with this blog is that it is on a mapped domain. I'm not sure how this would affect the charset at all, especially in comments perticularly, but it is the only thing I can see.

Any tips? Is domain mapping affecting this at all?

  • Tyler Postle
    • CGO

    Hey Qlof,

    Thanks for updating us on this :slight_smile: glad you got it sorted on your install!

    Was this only happening when Facebook comments was active alongside normal WordPress comments? Were both comment fields affected?

    Look forward to hearing back on this, then we can further investigate and get this sorted so the same thing doesn't happen to other users :slight_smile:

    Talk to you soon!

    All the best,

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi there, Qlof!

    I just did some testing, and I'm not able to reproduce this issue, would you mind doing a little more work with us so we can try to track down this issue? What I'd love to see is the following:

    1. A screenshot of the comments with extra characters appearing.
    2. The text from the page source (right click a page with comments, select view page source, or similar) that relates to the comment section.

    Thanks so much, Qlof!

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