i have an open ticket, but have had no reply? little

hi, i have an open ticket, but have had no reply? little confused about this support based ticket system, its not going to a helpdesk, it goes to a publically viewable page? with no way to reply? this is not a help desk?

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hi there @nick

    Thanks for getting in touch

    1) I see only one open ticket with us and my colleague @Predrag Dubajic has responded asking you for some clarification. If you respond there he should help you fix this in no time

    2) The support system here is a highly custom version of bbPress .. it combines standard ticketing along with a publicly displayed forum so members can benefit from each others questions and solutions

    3) You can log in and go back to the original ticket to reply



  • nick
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    ok, thanks!

    this was confusing, i use 100s of support ticketing systems, but this is not so intuitive, firstly i had no idea how to reply to the reply, didnt realise i wasnt logged in, and only found how to login by clicking a circular icon - most sites are going to clearly show LOG IN - so bit of a usability issue here.

    and every ticketing system allows the user to reply via the email, thats kinda the base standard - i got a reply saying dont reply to the email, never seen that before, but obviously works for you guys.

    not sure of the merits of posting every single support request to a public forum though, thats just going to build up a lot of posts for visitors to search through, but your decision i guess, but sure some users will add sensitive information not realising its going to go public! strange way of doing this if you ask me


  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey @nick

    1) About the login bit we are aware and already working on possible solutions to make that bit of the UX better and more intuitive.

    2) This is primarily because many a time we ( and quite a few members ) attach files and screenshots along with replies. There is no secure way of doing this via email. Also the formatting issues for code, quotes etc stack up really fast.

    3) Again this is optional, you can leave a note in your tickets and staff will be happy to mark tickets private ( only one of us and you can read it ) similarly confidential information is exchanged directly via SSL protected forms with the staff concerned, never shared here on the forums.

    4) Finally tickets older that 6 months are archived and closed so search results should throw up only recent tickets.

    Like you said there may be other ways, some better, of doing this. It evolves over time based on our requirements, value it adds to our paying members and most importantly feedback we receive on the process from members like yourself.

    Thanks for your time


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