I have been having a lot of problems with posts

I am testing some sites locally on my computer and I keep having issues with my posts showing up correctly.

When I go to my blog page I can get it to display the list of blog posts fine. The problem is when I click on the individual post. When I click on the gear icon to edit the way it looks there aren't any options and it seems like a default setup. I want to be able to change the post parts but it isn't an option. If I use the draggable post element and select single post no matter what post I click in my blog list the latest post is always what shows up. For example if I have 2 posts one labeled post 1 and the other post 2 with post 2 being the most recent post, when I click on post 1 the page will say post 1 in the web address but the post will be post 2. If I add post 3 then post 3 will show up when I click post 1 or 2.

How do I make it so I can change the post parts for the individual post parts? How do I keep it from only showing the most recent post?

Selecting generic for how to display posts doesn't show anything. Posts do not show up at all. Custom posts makes me select specific posts to display so I would have to do that every time I write a post which isn't very efficient. Posts by taxonomy shows the most recent post which is what my problem is in the first place.

I have even used custom press to make a new post type called articles and I still get the same problems. There has to be something I am missing.

  • Vinod Dalvi
    • WP Unicorn

    Hi Charles,

    Sorry to hear of the problem you are having.

    It would be helpful to troubleshoot the issue if i could access your site but i can't as you said it's hosted locally so could you please share some screenshots of the issues?

    Was it working fine before?

    Which theme are you using?

    This can be due to plugin/theme issue on your site.

    You can just try on your development site using default WordPress theme like Twenty Fifteen and temporary deactivating all other plugins as displayed in the following flowchart to know which theme/plugin is causing this issue if any.


    Kind Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • Charles Riggs
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    I am using the Scribe theme on the local site.

    I also have a live site where the individual posts are posting but they don't match the rest of my site and again I can not edit this. The live site is heightenedscents.com and is using the Spirit theme. If you look at the blog page then click on one of the posts the fonts are not the same, it seems it is using the default information instead of what I have changed. I need a site that matches itself, this doesn't look very professional at all.

    Here are some screenshots from my locally built site that may help show the problems I need solved. I am using articles as my post type which I used custom press to setup and those posts are posting to the articles page. I had the same issues with the default setup which I why I tried this method. When I click on the second article down on my articles page the result is in the first screenshot. As you can see I have two posts showing up to show my problem. The post at the top titled "this should work but probably won't" is how I want my layout to look on each individual post but the problem is that the post is the most recent post I made not the second post down on my articles page which is the one I clicked on. I set that top one up using the posts draggable element. No matter what way I play with the options can I make each individual post show the correct post. Custom posts, generic, or by taxonomy do not work the correct way even what I select that I want to apply settings to all posts of this type. Generic shows nothing at all, custom posts makes me select a specific post which would be horrible on a site with multiple authors because I would have to go in a setup each post myself or show them to do it. That won't work. Posts by taxonomy is what I believe to be the reason the most recent post shows up because it seems to default to the freshest post which again is not what I want. The second post on the page that reads "another test article" is actually the correct post which is the default post, before I changed anything on the page that was there. The problem with that is the gear icon to edit it brings up nothing.

    What I need to know how do I make it so when I click on a post it takes me to the correct individual post and allows me to make that individual post page look like I want it and display the post parts I want?

    As far as trying other themes goes, the default wordpress theme doesn't do me any good because its a default basic theme. It shows posts like its supposed to. I used my old iThemes Builder themes to setup posts the way I want and that worked. To be honest, at this point I will be going back to builder when my subscription here runs out if the problems don't stop with Upfront.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @Charles Riggs

    I hope you're well today!

    You are absolutely right. The editing capabilities for the post parts of custom post types are quite extensive when using the Posts element.

    But those same capabilities are sorely lacking for the "default" of CPTs.

    I've just brought this up with the theme development team to see what insight they can provide. I'll post again as soon as hear back from them.

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again @Charles Riggs

    Thanks for posting again; that triggered an email that reminded me I hadn't updated you here. :slight_smile:

    I did hear back from the design team and they have shared with me the specs for the next major update of Upfront. That includes a completely redesigned post-editing & templating system that'll make all this oh-so-much easier.

    Stay tuned!

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