I have been looking at Multisite. I may have

I have been looking at Multisite.
I may have a misunderstanding about it's usage.
It seems that Multisite combines sites for the Admin, but keeps sites separate for the users. I want several sites to be combined so it seems that the user is still on the same site but administer them as separate sites.
The sites I want to combine are based on Course, Member, and Commerce, along with a Prosites based site (to be used in conjunction with the Course site to instruct on basic WP setup and usage).
Each site will have a large DB file and should be kept separate if possible.
The sites will be hosted on the same server and could be set up as separate domains, sub-domains or sub-directories at this point.
Any suggestions or input would be appreciated.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hi, mike!

    With what you describe here, I'm not sure if multisite is the best option for you, as these functions could be handled (quite well) by a single site.

    Multisite creates a single network admin dashboard, where the entire network can be managed, but the purpose is to create a network of sites - from your description here, you want one site with multiple administration areas, if i'm understanding you correctly.

    I believe you can do what you're attempting here with a single site, then you could assign different administrators to handle different areas of the site (membership, courses, etc.)

    Hope this helps, mike!

  • Mike
    • Flash Drive

    Thanks for the fast reply!
    I agree Multisite probably is not the answer for this application. I was hoping for the opposite (Unisite) lol.
    Since I would be using different themes, plugins and different data (site or section specific) except user and password, it seemed that separate sites would be easier and safer to set up and maintain / upgrade rather than a single site. (And with less chance of breaking the whole site with a new plugin or something)

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Mike!

    I'm totally going to put "unisite" into my vocabulary. : )

    I think we can still do this with unisite.

    1. Different themes - if you start with a theme that's been coded well, you can create custom styles for individual pages with some fancy CSS.
    2. Different plugins - this is a bit trickier, but what you can do is use a plugin like our Custom Sidebars Pro to completely customize what shows in the sidebars of each page. So on an eCommerce page, you can show only eCommerce-related widgets.
    3. Safety - since on multisite you install all your plugins via the network admin dashboard, the risks for uni- v. multi- are about the same.

    We do have a third option, and that's three (or more) unisites, not linked by a network. The issue there is that members would need to join each site, which could be a pain point, but you'd have the distinct entities you're looking for.

    Thanks for your questions!

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