Appotiment Padding? - How to compelety remove break hours?

I have been reading about people requesting padding for appointment times on this forum.

I recently bought this plugin a few days ago & have failed to work out how to set padding time of 30 mins after each of my appointments. I have two appointment times for clients to select from, one being 1 hour & the other being 2 hours.

I assumed that this plugin would come with a such a simple feature such as this at the time I purchased it. I am quite disappointed & it has been frustrating trying to find a answer!

Am I missing something? Is there a option now to fix this easily without having to edit .php files & what not?

Another thing, this plugin there is no feature to delete the break hours once you have entered them to keep everything all neat & tidy? Please see screenshot attached below.

Thanks! :slight_smile: