i have been running around in circles trying to fix my

i have been running around in circles trying to fix my issue and I’ve only made it worse. i have no idea what I’m doing and need someone to access my account and fix this for me.

i have unlimited hosting with go daddy.

wordpress is installed.

current domain is rumormarketing.com

i am hosting several other word press sites

i recently changed the primary domain on my hosting account. i made no changes to any settings before hand. the old domain was mjblogs.com the new primary domain is rumor marketing.com

after changing the primary domain i started getting a 404 error on my “blog” page as well as the hosted sites “blog” page. this led me to a perm links issue. the error was coming from using pretty perm links. when i switched to default the 404 error went away.

i should have left well enough alone but i want to use pretty perm links so i stared trying to figure to how to fix it.

i have down so many things i can’t even remember them all but the end result of my DIY disaster is….

now i am getting 404 errors on all of the hosted sites. when i try dashboard or visit on any of these sites i get a 404 error.

I’ve got people yelling at me because they can’t access there sites! please help!

AND, the original perm link issue is still not fixed.

Can you fix this for me? or do you know someone who can??

  • aristath
    • Recruit

    Hello there @Michele and welcome to the WPMUDEV Community!

    Was the domain of your WordPress site mjblogs.com? or was that simply the domain on your hosting account?
    Have you checked your wp-config.php file?
    Sometimes you have to change the URLs there if you changed domains.

    These are the files you should check and edit if they have any reference to your old domain:

    In addition, you should open up the database using phpmyadmin and search for any references to your old domain there.
    If you find any, then change them to your new domain.

    I hope that helps!


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