I have been told

I have been told that there is an encryption error on the homepage that gives access to an unfortunate page and the images can be used in an unfortunate context. Can you please help me investigate this issue? I do not know where to start.

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Kia

    I hope you’re well today and thank you for your question!

    I have visited your site and I believe you’re referring to the “mixed content” error. This basically means that there are resources (images for example) on the site that are being loaded over “http://” protocol instead of “https://”. When the site is protected with SSL certificate, this is causing an error, which in turns “breaks protection”, meaning that the site is not fully secured.

    I assume that’s what you’ve been told is “encryption error”.

    In case of your site this is about 8 images on homepage and one JavaScript.

    The JavaScript was the custom code that you added via “Settings -> Insert Code” page and was referring to a script at “call-tracking.dk”. I’ve edited it changing “http://” protocol to “https://” and that fixed one of these mixed-content (“encryption”:wink: errors. Though you might need to make sure that the tracking (I assume it is some sort of tracking) is still working fine, if not, you might need to consult it with a tracking code provider.

    As for images. I think editing the homepage would help. What you’d want to do would be to edit the homepage and for all the images used there, replace “http://” prefix in their URLs with “https://”. Since I am not much familiar with your site and how the homepage was exactly created, I didn’t change it as I didn’t want to “mess anything up” but I believe you should be able to handle that :slight_smile:

    Give it a go please and let me know if it fixed the issue (or I’ll check it for you once it’s done, if you want me to).

    Best regards,


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