I have been trying for the longest time to find out whats

I have been trying for the longest time to find out whats wrong with this plugin why it will not allow me to edit the settings at all. There are a supposed 93 members in this site and I am not sure if they are real or not I have no ip addresses. Maybe someone can tell me how to get a pluging to tell me ip addresses so I can see if this is spam or not. Anyway someone jack was helping me with this e newsletter plugin. It is acting strange when I go into it with IE explorer it dose not show iletter up top when you click on edit. When I use fire fox it dose show the iletter.

The only major problem is this will not allow me to edit any settings at all I am using buddy press only in that it should work. As I said prior I get a black flash when I click on create newsletter then there are no images it dose not do anything according to the video at all I can not do any thing at all with the edit settings can someone help me please.

Maybe this is a permission file chmod setting I am not sure I have allot of other things to do. What is wrong is it something I am doing I want to finish allot of other projects I am stuck it says 4 sent 2 open although there are 93 or 98 members I am noy sure whats wrong. Jack said to check for a plugin conflict with a flowchart when I asked him what flowchart he did not respond he wanted to gain access and I never herd back from him I never had any plugin problems at all. Please help .

Regards Vinny