I have been trying to get domain mapping to work for over

I have been trying to get domain mapping to work for over a week. I have followed all tutorials with no success. Someone please help me.

If john doe buys a domain from namecheap and wants to point it to my network whats the steps to making that work for him. A records, Cnames ...

Cheers and all the best Jason.

  • Michelle Shull
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey there, Jason!

    I've been doing this a long time, and if it makes you feel better, dealing with anything related to DNS still makes me pull my hair out. You are not alone!

    This is from the pertinent parts of the usage guide:

    If you or your end user wishes to map a sub domain to the blog within your multisite install then you can set up a CNAME

    For the purpose of these instructions we will assume you are doing this through cPanel, however if you are using a different panel or managing the DNS with the domain name registrar then the principle is just the same, the method of adding it might be a little different.

    If you cannot manage your own DNS then you would need to discuss this with whomever is currently managing it.

    Even people on cPanel might not have access to the Simple and Advanced DNS options, this depends on your hosting provider. If you point your name servers to your host then it can be managed by your host or your cPanel. Again if you don’t have access, then ask your host.

    CNAMEs are used for sub domain mapping. i.e. you want to map blog.userdomain.com to usersite.yourdomain.com

    A Records are for mapping TLDs aka Top Level Domains. i.e. userdomain.com mapped into usersite.yourdomain.com

    The important part to remember is that CNAMES are for sub-domains, and A records are for top-level domains. So if John Doe wants to point JohnsAwesomeSiteOfThings.com to JasonsFantasticNetwork, which record will depend on whether he's going to be at JohnsAwesomeSiteOfThings.JasonsFantasticNetwork.com (A record) or JasonsFantasticNetwork.com/JohnsAwesomeSiteOfThings (CNAME), and this will all depend on how your multisite is set up.

    Boy, I wish I'd picked shorter example names. : )

    Let me know if this clears it up! Have a great Saturday!

  • Jason
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Okay Michelle thanks for clearing up the confusion on CNames and A records. I thing I'm going to be using A records. I use linode servers for my hosting. I don't use a CPanel. If one of my customers wants to map a new domain with namecheap is this the right format for namecheap. Thanks again!

  • wp.network
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    Hey @Jason


    I thing I'm going to be using A records.

    You should be sure about this.
    If you are running a network using subdomains, then A records are the way to go and CNAMEs would not be appropriate.
    If you have a network using subdirectories instead of subdomains, then its CNAMEs you want, not A records.

    2) So, if you are in fact using subdomains then A records are what you want and that link looks fine as an example of making an A record. Follow the Domain Mapping usage page instructions.
    2a) Just as a tip, I often set my TTL value lower than the often default value of 14400 in case I do ever need to switch my servers at short notice... I often just use 1400 instead.

    3) Remember that DNS changes can really actually take well over 24hrs to fully propagate. Don't panic if its not working right away :slight_smile:
    3a) If you have some extra domains, I'd recommend setting up several at once to use as test domains to save days of waiting for DNS propagation.

    4) Its worth triple checking: are you 300% positive that you have your own dedicated IP address?
    4a) If you think the answer is yes, then try the nav test: enter your IP in your browser bar...
    if you get your site that is a good thing!
    if you get some server/host generated page that is not a good thing!

    Hope this can be helpful :slight_smile:

    Kind Regards,

  • Jason
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Greetings everyone, Michelle and Max thanks for your help. My issue was deeper than the depths of the ocean. My resolution was this: I had to go into apache 2 and then sites-available and add a wildcard to ServerAlias *. Everything worked after this. Cheers and all the best.

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