WPMU Dev server issues?

I have been trying to manually download a couple of plugins but the server doesn't deliver the zip file to me.

My dashboard activity shows that I've tried to download them several times, but when I'm on the plugin page and click to "just download plugin", it will stay in the "waiting on premium.wpmudev.org" and never start the download.

It doesn't seem to be a transient server thing, since I let one download try to start for 15 minutes, and I've been trying various plugins to download for over half an hour.

It's not my internet connection, because other sites are loading fast and completing downloads (wordpress.org, for example).

So the plugin pages are taking longer than normal to load, and after they do load, they are not successfully allowing zip file downloads.

Using Chrome, if that helps.

  • Timothy Bowers

    Hey there,

    I just tried on Pro Sites and that one works fine for me, could you give me an example of some you've tried and have issues with, was Pro Sites one?

    Could you please try clearing cache and trying again?

    And could you please try another browsers?

    I've not seen any other complaints yet so I'm not sure if there is an issue this side but we'll certainly look into it. :slight_smile:

    Take care.

  • atouchofsummer

    It's mostly working now. It still takes about 10-15 seconds from my clicking the link to download until the zip file actually begins to download, but at least now it's downloading.

    I'd almost think it was my ISP, but the fact that I could connect to other sites at semi-normal speeds and download plugin zip files from wp.org would suggest otherwise.

    Silly weird Internet.

    update: I take part of that back. I was able to download the newest version of Subscribe by Email in about 20 seconds, but the Protected Content download took about a minute before it finally started the download, so something fishy is still going on somewhere.

  • Timothy Bowers


    Did you clear cache? And then did you try one of those other browsers?

    Or another system?

    Usually when something like this is on our end we get a bunch of members that contact us but so far I've not personally seen anything or been made aware.

    I tested again to be sure, this time Protected Content and it still seems golden on my side.

    Very strange indeed. :disappointed:

    Take care.