I have been trying to set up directory for one month.

I have been trying to set up directory for one month. I've gotten conflicting advice from 'the experts' about multisite (not even sure I need it). I've posted dozens of questions, but never get answers (they ask for more info-then never answer). I bought your service for support; your ads says 'be set up in 30 minutes with no coding'. Well, that hasn't happened. I need a refund of this month's membership fee.

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    I'm sorry this isn't something currently available. It is however an active feature reqeust as PC recently pointed out here:


    Directory support both Free and Paid listing, but not at the same time. Once you enable payments, a payment is required.

    One work around would be to use the built-in credit system. You could give out a number of "signup credits" users can use to post a limited number of free listings. Then listings after that would require payment.

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    I am ok with the credit system as a way to provide payment options. In fact, WPMUDev is the only directory (I think) that offers the credit system.

    I have done another fresh install of wordpress, activated the plugin with my theme (pitch), and entered categories & a few listings. I set up the rest of the settings/options as best I could, adding a 'visitor' role that can add listings/view listings. I mad them free until I can get this right, but unfortunately, nothing shows up unless I'm logged in as admin.

    I will do another fresh install if you need to step me through the process. I want to use my theme as landing page and have a tab 'listings' for the directory plugin. Let me know if this is wrong. netdiva.ca

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    You shouldn't need to do another reinstall. This could be a permissions issue. In your dashboard you can go to "Listings -> Settings -> Capabilities tab"

    From there you can assign which user roles are allowed to perform certain actions.

    Subscriber is the default role for new users, so you'll want to make sure it has the appropriate permissions to add and edit listings.

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