I have been using best web soft contact form because it has

I have been using best web soft contact form because it has multiplication login +- = so on for bad bots I am attacked badly on this site venthost.com
I have been trying hard to learn new things and its tuff because I was hacked three to four times in the last month. I am using just wordfence paid version. I make my own wordpress themes using artisteer. The site was terminated and did a cpmove restore many times from and old backup going back months ago there is not much to this site its just a hosting site.
I did have a old files in the home dir maybe that's what was casing this I no you are not giving server support although I tried to use ait-pro bulletproof and after doing so I have realized that the LFD had my email with someone else's ip address and I have static ips and it was none of my ip addresses and I find there software very strange. Because of one reason the paid plugin would not uninstall at all. I am lost I don't know what to do I feel like its over for me. I had over 400 attacks during the install of whmcs I will never use there program ever they seem to not like me I am a good person and all I asked was give me what I paid for. I am also a php programmer now wordpress I belong to the php academy and have made my own php login and activation email page with a members page. I figured wordpress would save me some time and also I would not have to make so many variables in the SQL tables. Someone is pretty good at hacking me after an admin cp move administrative restore I went into the phpmyadmin and changed the password as well as the email so if they had my email they could not get it's user information.
Can you tell me if you have a contact form like what's in the best web soft category. With some help maybe I can move on in developments they will hack me again I have started to develop another site for this domain basicly the same site although it will all be done in artisteer and I will have a fresh new site I don't know what's in this mess it should not be happening from what I here although every week without fail the site is gone.