I have been using Scribe theme to design a site,

I have been using Scribe theme to design a site, and the theme has been very unstable but I understand that it is a work in progress, however my biggest frustration has been that occasionally after adding a simple element on one part of the page will cause other elements in different sections to completely re-order themselves. Not just shift around but literally if I have 4 images set a,b,c,d in a section just below the header, and I add a text box 4 sections down near the footer, the image will switch to like a, d, b and c on a new line with a gap on the top line.

That is not such a big deal, I can re-arrange photos, but recently I have a bug that I can't fix and it is that in the editor the section backgrounds display exactly the way I want, and on the front end everything is working perfectly. Then I added a small text box with the copyright info to the footer and clicked save. The editor looks exactly the way I want it, so I switch to live mode and none of the sections have their backgrounds anymore. They are totally white. If I go to another page, the global elements have their backgrounds as expected so the problem seems to be limited to the home page. I have checked to make sure there are no plugin conflicts and plugins aren't the culprits. I checked the mark-up and it seems that the background-image attribute that is written in on the other page is not being written in on home page. Additionally but not as critical is that the upper black section used to float, it does in the editor, but not on the home page.

Site in question is: http://reifacondev.reifa.org/