I have been working with David in your sales department

I have been working with David in your sales department to get an answer to my issue (it was originally a pre-sales question). It looked like your plugin would do what I need it to do, but it's not doing what it's supposed to do and David hasn't followed up with me so I thought I'd try submitting my issue directly to support.

1. I have a custom post type called "property"

2. In each post I have an address field, city field and state field.

3. I want to have a "page" that has a Google Map on it that shows all of the locations for a particular US state, "Ohio" for instance.

4. I have selected "yes" in your plugin for "use custom post meta fields support".

5. I have set up my field names in the "My posts have an address field" like this: prop_address, prop_city, prop_state (my actual field names in the 'property' custom post type)

6. I tried to do a query as David suggested as [map query="tag=Ohio"], I get no map, no nothing. I also tried [map query="post_type=property"] and [map query="post_type=property&meta_value=Ohio"] also without any luck.

Can you please help me with this? It's critical to this project and I only have another week to find a solution. I bought your plugin with the understanding that it would do what I asked. That's why I reached out to sales BEFORE I purchased the plugin.
Thank you,
Dave Muhr