I have buddy press integrated with bbpress working fine

I have buddy press integrated with bbpress working fine on fluffey.com. Although again problems with the google maps showing up will this show up on existing members or not or only new members I tried making a page as your short code says to have all your members and maps show up on one page create a page and add the short code so I did this and it is not showing up at all none of the active setting are working noting is showing at all any were also when I did create THIS PAGE WITH THE SHORT CODE. MY site locked up again I could not get into the site or admin area what's is wrong now. The only plugins in this site are yours and that's it.

  • Patrick

    Hi there @Vincent

    I hope you're well today!

    I see that you have enabled support staff login, so I logged into your site to see if I can help out here.

    First off, I can access your admin, so that appears to be working. :slight_smile:

    Second, I noticed that the field you have set in Google Maps for the BuddyPress address field is "Name". That will not work at all; that field must be a field where your users can enter their location.

    Can you tell us on which page you have added the shortcode? I cannot find it on your site.

  • Vincent

    Well hello at you and thank you I have terminated this site for the 10th time I did not put any short code on any page because when I do the site locks up and I can not get into the admin area. So far Mr Patrick I have a bunch of plugins that are from wpmudev that I have close to 60 to 70 plugins and all of them I have had a problem with I believe I asked you yesterday if I could use buddy press with bbpress well I guess I can because it works . I looked on google for the best google maps plugin and I found 20 of them I am not sure if they will do what your plugin dose although I have found many free plugins like what's at venthost.com free for check out of themes and plugins and it works just fine. My server is up to date and I don't understand why I can not place a code from your site without it locking up. This is frustrating and I cought the last short code I placed on the front page to show buddy groups with google maps that started to lock up I could not save it so I had to terminate the site.
    It seems the only part of this plug that's working in my site is the widget. I created that and placed it down bottom of the site looked ok although this is not what the plugin is suppose to do when I activate the functions I believe in addons they should work unless there is something else wrong such as all the members in my site are fake this could be.

    If you can guide me as to how to make this plugin work please do.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Vincent!

    How many registered members do you have? If it's a lot, it could be your memory is timing out while trying to check all of those accounts for location data to display on the Google Map. You mention all your users are fake - does this mean your user list only has testing accounts you created, or that you have a bunch of spam members?

    If you have a bunch of spam accounts, you can start by going through and deleting any you know aren't legitimate members. There isn't a tool that I know of to automate this process (unless you dump all users, good and bad, at once.) so it has to be done manually. If this isn't the case, there could be a number of reasons why your site is locking up.

    When you say locking up, are you seeing any error messages? Are you getting a white screen in your admin area? Are pages just slow to load? I don't think simply placing a shortcode in a page should cause all of this, let see if we can narrow down exactly what's failing so we can help you fix it.

    I'm not able to reproduce this issue on my sandbox site - the Google Map shortcodes all see to work fine for me. I think this means we can rule out a bug in Google Maps itself.

    When your site locks up, rather than deleting it and starting over from scratch, try this simple trick instead:
    1. Log into your site via FTP.
    2. Navigate to wp-content
    3. Rename your plugins folder.
    4. Go back to your dashboard, and your site should be functional again. You can delete any page you were trying to create with a shortcode, if that's what was causing the issue.

    I hope this gets you closer to a solution, Vincent!

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