I have checked the box Use Facebook Comments in Ultimate


I have checked the box Use Facebook Comments in Ultimate Facebook but I am not getting the Facebook comment box on any of my pages. I am still getting the old Wordpress comment box. I am using Social theme with BuddyPress plugin. Almost all my other plugins are from WPMU as well. I tried de-activating most plugins to check for conflicts but I still dont get the FB comment box... any suggestions?



  • David

    Hi there, Jack :slight_smile:

    I am most well. Hope you are doing great, too. Thanks for your help.

    - I have created my FB app and it is fetching fine, I actually used the manual fetch comments in Ultimate Facebook and we fetched some comments from Facebook and they appeared fine on my site.

    - I have not tried 2012 theme, I am running a production site with Social so I cannot switch to 2012

    - The other plugins I am using that use Facebook are: Facebook Friends Inviter, Floating Social and Social Marketing (I have checked the Already Using FB on that one).



  • PC

    Hello David,

    Thanks for posting back.

    This is PC, chiming in to help. I hope you and Jack don't mind me hijacking the thread.

    I would like to tell you that a few themes don't have the required hooks to show the facebook comments out of the box. If you check the Facebook comments section you will find an option to use a custom hook.

    You should try that option and add a custom hook as guided there to the place where you want the facebook comments to be displayed.

    If you don't have any idea on how to do that, you can send me a copy of the theme and I will play with it.

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