I have CoursePress Pro installed. It will take quite some

I have CoursePress Pro installed. It will take quite some time for me to get that going.

However, in the meantime, is there anyway to use CoursePress Pro to just create Quizzes?

I do have WP-Pro-Quiz already installed, and created a few quizzes, but getting several problems with it that will take too long to attempt to fix, so am hoping I can use CoursePress Pro for what I need.

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Craig!

    We can do that! It may take setting the quiz up as it's own course, but that's okay, as it will give us a nice featured image and a place to add a snazzy description. Then you'd create the quiz as a unit for that "course."

    Gravity Forms also has a pretty cool quiz addon for those with a dev license to GF, it doesn't work at this time to make BuzzFeed style quizzes (ala What Flavor of Starburst Are You?), but it's great for other quiz types.

    Hope this helps!

  • 247web

    HI - please could you explain your answer above in more detail? Particularly:

    (1) How would you link the one course (which contains all the lessons) to the other course which contains only questions and there would be a completion dependancy between them

    (2) How would it work if the first course is a paid course? ... but not the second?

    (3) What settings would you use if all the questions are multiple choice questions but the student only has to attain an OVERALL passmark of 70% for the entire quiz? (Accumulative marking?)

    Would there be any more practical solution within Coursepress itself - my huge client wants an entirely automated process from paid enrollment to quiz / examination and then to the final online production of the certificate (which apparently is also a problem?)

    Thanks very much

  • Michelle Shull

    Hey there, Mal!

    Sure thing!

    I think what Craig wanted was slightly different - he just wanted a quiz site, not technically a course. I'm not sure how that would work for your case, per your other thread.

    2. The second course, the quiz course, could be free, and just linked at the appropriate page in the main course, no where else. Really clever users could find the link, but a quiz with no referencing text is going to be pretty difficult.

    3. This one, I think we need to hear back from Marko on in the other thread, I'm not entirely sure this feature is working exactly how it should at this point, as your usage case has indicated.

    Thanks, Mal!