I have created a new site on my multi-site installation and now need to get to the cpanel

Now need to add a wordpress installation and the instructions are saying go to cpanel ad upload files. However, I only see a cpanel for the main domain so how do I get to the new site to do the installation. The new site address is ukhc.biz/grow-with-linkedin


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Tim,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I'm a bit confused here. Is your multisite WordPress network already fully setup and running?

    If so, creating a new sub-site wouldn't require any actions in cPanel. cPanel is a tool made to let you manage your server and not WordPress site. I've visited the site in question and I can see that it's working fine.

    I may be missing something here however so could you please explain what you need to do and what the instructions that you mentioned are? That would help me give you a proper answer.

    Best regards,

  • Tim

    Hi Adam

    I have instructions along with a zipped file to add the site but the instructions talk about cpanel access ie if you were adding a simple wordpress site. However, I'm adding this site to a multi-site installation and don't know what to do with the zipped file. Do I simply import it? If so, how do I then make database changes if required? Obviously I can not attach the files in an open forum. How do we proceed?


  • Tim

    Since I have not had a further reply to this post I have gone ahead and approached it from a different angle. I have installed the files on a single installation and now looking to export that site and import into the multisite. Have exported succesfully and now wishing to import using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin and the Multisite Extension. Both have been added as plugins on the ukhc.biz site but they are not showing as available on any of the sites in the multisite installation.

    Please help as a matter of urgency. I do not feel that my requests are responded to in a timely manner. If you need access please ask.


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Tim,

    Thank you for your response!

    I apologize for keeping you waiting. As I'm working all weekends I'm sometimes not working on Mondays and Tuesdays and it seems that my colleagues where extremely busy responding to the threads assigned to them. I'm sorry for that.

    As for the issue itself. I'm still a bit confused about what you wish to achieve here. Let's get it cleared out a bit then.

    - you've got a Multisite WordPress setup
    - you've received a .zip file with an instruction
    - from your recent post I was able to conclude that the .zip file contained a "classic" (single) WP site but you'd wish to make that site a part of your MultiSite network.

    Would that be right? Am I understanding it correctly?

    If this is the case then our Snapshot Pro will be of help here. Here are the steps necessary to "migrate single site" to become a part of your Multisite network. That's all assuming that you've got your Multisite WordPress up and running and the single site (the one to be imported) is also set up (I understand that it is).

    1. Install Snapshot Pro on your single site (the one to be imported). Here's full documentation on plugin's usage:


    2. Create a Snapshot (you'll find instruction in an article that I linked to above) of the site, including all database tables and all files

    3. Once the Snapshot is created download the "snapshot archive" (that's a .zip file)

    4. Install Snapshot Pro on your Multisite Network and "network enable" the plugin

    All following points a for actions on your Multisite Network:

    5. Access your Multisite Network via FTP
    6. Upload the snapshot zip file that you previously downloaded to /wp-content/uploads/snapshots folder on the server
    7. Go to "Network Admin -> Snapshots -> Import" page
    8. Hit "Scan/Import" button (do not put anything in a text field above)
    9. After import confirmation message appears go to "Snapshots -> All snapshots" page
    10. Hit "restore" link under the snapshot name
    11.It will say that you're trying to import "single site" to multisite and and ask you to select a "target" sub-site of Multisite...
    12. ... so select the sub-site that you wish to import to (this should be a fresh, clean sub-site of Multisite network)
    13. Confirm and give it a moment to complete

    This way the Snapshot Pro should import entire single WP site to your MultiSite Network.

    Kind regards,

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