M2 manual payment option is not working.

I have enabled the manual payment option and filled out the payment info description.

It says this before the payment info:

When using this payment method the user will see the following payment instructions. Since the payment cannot be confirmed automatically his membership will not be activated instantly! You have to manually check if the payment was made and set the members bill to "paid" to complete the payment.

However what actually happens is that when they click the button for manual payment they are just re-directed to the home page.

It does then appear as a "new" transaction in the admin but if admin marks it as "paid" then the membership is not added automatically.

Also when clicking on "view" to look at the invoice the button for manual payment is there still. I think there is meant to be another page loading up here.

If I log in as user requesting the manual payment and go to membership I can see a "cancel" and "complete payment link". The complete payment button brings me back to the payment page with the option to do manual payment and clicking that still just transfers me back to home page again. At no point are the payment instructions shown to the user.

Something obviously isn't working right here. Can you test out the latest version at your end and tell me what it is supposed to be doing?