I have gone through the pain staking process to integrate


I have gone through the pain staking process to integrate my Appointments + with my Google Calendar done every step from the Youtube video. Clicked save and my calendar is not working!
On my wordpress site this is the link of the instructions, and site login so you can see how how set up my A+ Gcal Synchronization.

This is the link to my google Calendar settings:

Moderated login details

1)I created A Calendar called: Private Booking:
2)Loaded the FTP files with the assistants of my Blue Host Live Support person and they walked me through the FTTP process.
Then I went back to the Google Calendar Settings in The Appointments + Plugin Settings in My WP Site
4)Added the private Key File name
5))Added the service account email address in the proper calendar share area in Google Calendars.
5)Added The Service Account email address in WP Pluggin Settings Google Calendar area.
6) Added The Calendar to be used.
7) Added a test appointment on the google side as an event.
Clicked Save
Got this message:
[Appointments+] No future new events are found in your Google calendar. Thus no events are imported and no updates and deletions made.
I need help ASAP:slight_smile: Pretty Please!
Removed private info