I have had my employee asking about this feature. From what

I have had my employee asking about this feature.

From what i understand i can use paypal advanced as a form a payment through the MarketPress plugin. I have spoke to people at PayPal and they said that MarketPress is a plugin that works with advanced. (they could be wrong)

Now when i go to the store options it only allows me to use PayPal Pay Flow. That is a different service all together from PayPal Advanced and has a completely different login protocol.

I have been trying to get this to work for almost 2 weeks now and am a little frustrated.

My question is: How and can i get PayPal Advanced to work through the MarketPress plugin. I see no options for paypal pro or advanced.

Express is only for paypal payments only. Here is the screen shot of the options that i am seeing. Just in case there is a problem there.


  • Kevin
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    Paypal advanced has that same option to keep them on the site. It is a payment gateway too. Am i missing something? I spend a few hours talking to the people at PayPal. Paypal Pro & Advanced will keep them on my site. So, i understand the differences between all of the the options at PayPal.

    I come back to my original question: Can i use PayPal advanced through this plug in or not?

  • Kevin
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    I know the differences and have spent the time looking through them.

    My question is simple: Can i run PayPal Advanced through your MarketPress plugin?

    If so, how? If not please just tell me no!

    If you look at my screen capture you can see there are NO options for Pro or Advanced. Pay Flow is a completely different service. I know all about PayPal and do not need advice on looking at their options.

    I am focused on what WP MU Dev can do. Thats it.

  • Patrick
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    Hi there @kevin

    I’ve been going through some older threads and see that this one appears to have slipped off the radar. Terribly sorry about that.

    Do you still require assistance with this project?

    I also see that your original question has gone unanswered. The answer is actually no, PayPal Advanced is not a supported gateway in MarketPress.

    We opted for integration with PayPal Payflow Pro API to give users all the customizations possibilities it offers.

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