I have install the Classifieds plugin for multi site

I have install the Classifieds plugin for multi site and try to set up at subsidiary site.

However the Setup screen has show only main site. For subsidiary site, it show only the CustomPress Setup.

Please advise how to set up at subsidiary site for Classified Website.

  • Vinod Dalvi

    Hi @Welawan,

    Welcome to the WPMU Dev community and thanks for posting on the forums.

    I just tested on my test site network activating the Classifieds plugin and found it displayed options on all sub sites including main site but it doesn't display any plugin option in the network admin area.

    If you are experiencing anything different then make sure you are using the latest version of Classifieds plugin.

    Would you mind if I logged in to your site and did some testing? This might help get to the bottom of this faster. If this is ok, just grant me temporary admin access to your site by clicking "Grant Access" button in the WPMU DEV Dashboard Settings from the following path and reply on this thread after granting it?

    Admin -> WPMU DEV -> Support -> Support Access Tab

    If you have not installed WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin yet, kindly do that here : https://premium.wpmudev.org/project/wpmu-dev-dashboard/ and then allow access as per the above process.

    Kind Regards,
    Vinod Dalvi

  • Vaughan

    Hi @welawan,

    I can also replicate this on my own network, however it works fine if you don't network activate classifieds and just activate it individually on each subsite. classifieds doesn't actually have any network settings or global options as it is designed to work on individual sites not as a global network.

    It also works if you activate it on a subsite first, and then go and network activate it, though seems a bit redundant in having to do that.

    But I will report this to the developer to look into, as it would be ideal if network activating would activate it on all subsites as other plugins are.

    Hopefully we can find a solution for this shortly.

  • Arnold

    You have CustomPress installed separately in addition to Classifieds and Directory. Classifeds includes it's own copy of CustomPress and doesn't need it installed separately.

    So you see the separately installed Custompress on all sites but you've in effect only activated Classifieds for the main site.

    I deactivated CustomPress and Classifieds at the network level and re activated them at the Main and Test sites level and you can now see everything.

    Note also that the capabilities can hide the Menus so make sure your Admin has all the capabilities necessary on each site. Tey are independent

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