I have installed and attempted to configure e-newsletter

I have installed and attempted to configure e-newsletter multiple times by following the "usage" tab instructions. However, the "test" buttons and "install" button at the bottom of the setup form do not trigger any action.

When clicked, they simply outline with blue. There is no action or page loading and navigating away from the enewsletter tab in the admin dashboard erases all form data entered.

I have installed the plugin via the wpmudev dashboard and manually. Neither change behavior of the plugin at the setup stage.

Any idea what the issue is? The plugin looks great, but I can't get it installed/configured.

Note: this may be a problem with all WPMU Dev plugins as the "submit" button on the WMPU dev dashboard support tab within my site also did not work. I have disabled all other plugins and it still did not work.

I updated to the latest version of wordpress before installing e-newsletter. Is there some conflict there? WPMUdev plugins worked before I updated...