I have installed Marketpress, set up the settings, put

I have installed Marketpress, set up the settings, put in a product, watched the videos. Now I have basic questions, such as --
• how to get a shopping cart to appear on a product page
• how to get rid of "awesome new tab deals" under the product image
• how to get the page title to say "shop" instead of store.
I'm sure all this is quite simple, but I want more documentation than you were able to give in the video.
Also, I change the store style among all the different options -- classic, icon, etc. -- and it doesn't look any different.
When I go to the "store" page, the product I listed as a test doesn't show. Why not? and how can I fix this?
I don't think these questions require the help of a dedicated expert, only some information which I can't find on your website. Also, while I'm complaining about the website, when I'm on the support page, the slider looks like a request for information, but ha! ha! it's just a slider. I scroll down and click "community," because I think maybe someone else can answer, but it takes me back up to the slider. So I have to click "find out more." Like Charlie Brown and the football, I keep getting it wrong, because I thought when I clicked "Community," it would be obvious I wanted to "find out more," and not just to view the really panoramic slider again.
I'm not meaning to rant here, although it probably seems like it, but I thought I would give you some feedback while I'm thinking about it.
Anyway, do you have any documentation other than those videos?