I have installed the Q&A plugin and the page shows no sidebar and it does not adjust to my mobil

I have installed the Q&A plugin and these are the issues I am facing:
I am using a custom wp theme and have chosen the content on the left option. The page does not show any sidebar and instead it for some reason shows widget area at the bottom with a layout and widget fields available at the 3 column homepage configuration (that I am not using). My default setting for the page layout is sidebar on the left and on the right, but I changed the default settings to sidebar on the right to try it, but same result.
My second problem is the appearance of the Q/A content on a mobile device. My site is designed to adapt to mobile devices and your plugin is the only one that does not adapt and keeps its width and makes the website look awful as the rest of the site is in mobile view and the plugin content stretches to wider view making it very difficult/impossible to read. The question page http://bolldpm.com/questions actually seems to be working fine, but the answer content is problematic.

Could you please advise?