I have just got back into building a new Multisite,

I have just got back into building a new Multisite, and I have a requirement that I need the role to only have access to one admin menu to create invoices using "Invoice King Pro"

Right now I have blog template set up, and understand the function of that. I have invoice plugin installed and showing on the template. I have have tried Role Scoper, but seems way overkill for what I want to do.

We are setting up a multisite environment so that we can create a micro site per contractor to login to there slimmed down site so that they can simply create invoices and manage their own invoices... This way works well.

However I need to create a role called "Contractor", then assign the contractor to only se the invoice menu item in the admin area.

When we have a new contractor, we will create a small multisite using contractors name as the site. Blog template makes life easy for us here as we can setup the template.

Is there something in WPMU that I can use to take care of a role being created automatically to the new user when a site is being created?

Is there something in WPMU to create the role and make sure that the capabilities are limited to simply create view and edit the invoice plugin?