Changing IP address and server with Multi-DB


I have just installed Multi-DB on my new multisite, which is currently hosted on a VPS. If my site grows as expected, I will be upgrading to a dedicated server within the next year, which will have a different IP address to the one I am using now. My question is this - when configuring and installing Multi-DB it specifically asks for the IP address on which the wordpress databases are installed. If I change IP address, will the databases that Multi-DB has created still work. In other words, how easy is it to migrate a Multisite operating Multi-DB from one server to another?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Matthew,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    Please note that "Multi-DB" is decommissioned plugin and we do not recommend using it. Although it was quite handy in the past, now it would be better to use a decent cloud hosted, fully scalable database than splitting WordPress database into multiple databases.

    What Can I Expect From A Decommissioned Plugin?

    This is basically an ‘as-is’ offer. Decommissioned plugins remain available, but no longer receive updates or guaranteed support from our staff. We will, however, continue support for pre-existing users, usage documentation will remain available and you can always search the support ticket archives for questions about Multi-DB, answered by our support team.

    Multi-DB is a complex plugin and should only be used by advanced users familiar with server configuration.


    As for moving Multi-DB to another server. This would be a complex and risky task. Assuming that IP is the only thing that would change (so there'll be no domain/URL changes) you would however only need to update db config file. Basically this would mean going through the "db-config.php" setup once again as explained here:
    (scroll down to "Configuring db-config.php")

    Best regards,

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