I have literally tried everything – cannot get wpmu membership to work correctly

Basically, I’ve gone through all the manuals/tutorials I could on how to set this thing up, and I still have this problem. I put [subcriptionform] on my designated registration page. It is public/active, shows up, and even processes through the paypal gateway correctly. HOWEVER, after payment, it does not redirect me to the correct page. It redirects me back to the only page I have given visitor access to (my registration page). Any page I click (after paying), still proceeds to redirect to the registration page – as if I have not paid. The user I am testing with receives login details and details about their payment. However, even as logged, they can’t access any of the pages I have set as positive for this membership level.

Here is my only lead…When I go to the /subscriptions page after payment and being logged in, it says I don’t have a subscription and shows the form again with a different color button (I changed the color of the button on the frontend subscription form to black). Somehow, the frontend subscription form is not processing the subscription and tells the user they still have to subscribe. However, even after trying to subscribe again with this new form inside, it still does not allow access.

Here is what I’ve tried.

-Checking/unchecking allow user registration in WordPress settings.

-Trying to make the membership role given member and subscriber. When a user registers currently, they are not given any role even after I make this change.

-Setting up a visitor setting just for the registration page to be public. Some people seemed to be saying this fixed errors.

I’m on my 3rd or 4th membership plugin here, and this one seems good since it integrates with Buddypress and I’m using buddypress, but I can’t just keep testing and testing with $0.01 for another month. I really need to get this site launched.

Obviously, I’m missing something major.

If login details are needed, please let me know as soon as possible. The sooner I can deal with this the better.

The site is http://platform41.com

Thank you.