I have looked at the plugin e-newsletter and I have done

I have looked at the plugin e-newsletter and I have done some php programming in the past. No one can seem to help me as to why this edit is not allowing me to change any of the functions on the page after you click on edit or create new newsletter. It dose not give me a template the templates are in the folder also the template is in the iletter folder of the girl although trying to use this plugin is not working I am not getting templates no one seems to be able to help me.
I see all kinds of people having problems with this plugin.
I don't need to send out fancy emails through the site its ok I have a program called bulk email sender also auto responder with a bounce already implemented. Why so many problems no offence people are paying good money for this programming it should be working 100% before you place it out on the site. Looking at your change log I see allot of errors that were fixed I know it can be very hard to make such a program although if it is this much of a headache why not change the format in the way you are programming it maybe some of its files are not compatible with many things I can not get one template out of the edit function.
It has been almost a week and a half so far since I installed this enews and no one can seem to tell me why it is not allowing templates to appear out of your templates folder simplicity light simplicity dark with all other 7 folders are there in the install I downloaded they look very good the graphics are very nice although I can not seem to get to any of them at all.

Regards Vinny

  • aristath

    Hello there Vinny, I hope you're well today!

    I never had any issues with the eNewsletter plugin and I use it regularly on my own site!
    Most of the issues here are conflicts with 3rd party plugins, and as soon as a conflict is reported and fixed we release an update.

    Could you please grant me access to your backend so that I may see exactly what is happening?
    To do so, from your dashboard go to WPMUDEV => Support => Support Access and click on the "Grant access" button.


  • Vincent

    That's very thought full of you although this site is a mess and needs a restore the e-newsletter was uninstalled and the database entries are still there in php my admin I believe once again I was hacked up. The chat icon is gone as well it will not send me a email activation to test the account.
    I have seen messes although this one is a disaster of a mess.
    Right now admin vinny is going to terminate this site and do an admin restore the problem with wordpress is most always I have to rebuild the whole site we will see how the restore goes although this site would not even send me a email activation link. Enewsletters should not be leaving database entries after a uninstall of the plugin I don't know what happened. Bots are a wonderfull thing are they not a mess or what. My god help me.
    Also I don't know what or how these people are registering into a site that will not send me a email activation link this is a really good one.
    And sorry Ari I am not doing well today I did allot of work on this site.
    For some reason my test account is gone dose not exist this is a mess.
    Maybe after I terminate this mess and try to fix it we will see I am doing to lose what I don't know if it is even real or not this is bad maybe that's why this enews is not working the sites been hacked up badly for accounts to be missing and chat is gone I don't know if that is even working it is not in my admin panel the new update went through I see a big mess.

  • aristath


    You should take some simple security precautions...

    This is what I use on my own sites, perhaps you could use some of these on your sites as well:
    http://cloudflare.com - Their free plan offers great security for simple things like DDOS attacks etc.
    http://wordpress.org/plugins/limit-login-attempts/ limits the login attempts so bots can't brute-force attack passwords (they are locked-out after 3 failed attempts)
    For comments:
    Akismet - Blocks spam
    http://www.disqus.com/ + http://wordpress.org/plugins/disqus-comment-system/ uses the disqus commenting system. Great security, no spammers, and on top of that the comments load goes to another server and not yours. Plus... it also has social logins for comments. :wink:

    My servers are VPSs on https://www.digitalocean.com/ and I use https://github.com/rtCamp/easyengine/ to set them up.

    I hope that helps!


  • Vincent

    Ari thanks for the offers although my servers are connected to cloud flair and I would say blockscript.com or also using wordfence with LFD is always updated I have been in cpanel server admin for 5 years my scripts and walls are always up to date BPS ATI security is about the only program I know of that is top of the line security with wordpress it stops SQL injections as well as notification of file changes./ Although there is nothing at all full proof at all that will stop a good hacker I guess I am a target. I am tarrying to tell you that these programs also block know good ip addresses as well.
    a site in used on http://www.socializegroup.com blocks tor bots hackers bad hosting providers its 500.00 dollars dose a reverse DNS look up although I can program my servers to connect right to them.
    My email from buddy press was getting blocked by Comcast seems to block buddypress email activation links. I am trying to build a theme that's really nice for buddy press its from a blank theme I am using a test theme right now I am trying to get some SEO H1 tags into this new theme and its not easy at all. Things are getting changed all of the time. I really appreciate the help although it would be nice if there was a wordpress plugin that would show my ip addresses as they come in email activation links can be spoofed really easy using proxys so I Mr Vincent try to block as many as I can it would be great if someone could write some mod_user script for me and I think I know the man that will be able to help me with writing some apache script to stop this abuse.
    I lost allot of work. The threat lies in the .htaccess file is were all of the hacking is done this I know. Cheers to you thanks.

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