I have marketpress installed in my plugins and when I try to go to the marketpress.php, I get a fata

this is the URL: http://bestpalmbeachdeals.com/wp-content/plugins/marketpress/marketpress.php

This is the error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function is_multisite() in /home/davedman/public_html/wp-content/plugins/marketpress/marketpress.php on line 268

Any thoughts.

I have wordpress set up as a multi-site and have one site.

I'm a newbie to wpmu and fairly new to WP, but I've been on the internet as a generalist (programming, linux, Cpanel, html, graphics) know a lot about a lot, just not an expert in too much.

Didn't want to start changing code--I'm a jr. php coder.

Any help you can give me would be great.

  • davedman

    Okay, I figured this out, although did not see it in the docs anywhere (needed to created a page called store).

    ANYWAY, things are moving along, but the Product Listing widget will not move to my sidebar. When I try to move it, I get the cursor to change to the crossed arrows, but then everything on the page gets highligted when I go to move the widget (all other widgets and the sidebar locations) and I cannot move it. It does not "ghost" and show it moving.


    Thanks again,

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