I have Marketpress installed on my website www.selkirkauto.com, but I upgraded to wordpress 4.3 Fri

but I upgraded to wordpress 4.3 Fri Sept 25, and we noticed on Monday (27th) that the product pages were gone. I am hosting my sites at hostgator, they pointed out wordpress was not Active, so they suggested that I manually activate it again and upgrade it. So I did that, and when visiting the site it would show a large blank white box in middle of the page, locked up. So I went back to hostgator, they tried a few things but nothing. So I tried reinstalling wordpress 4.3, no change, to get the white box to go away, we had to deactivate marketpress.

So I would like to talk to somebody about upgrading marketpress, on my site but I don’t want to lose all the product info that I had (have) there. Currently I can’t activate marketpress without it locking things up. So I need to chat with somebody who know how I can install or reactivate marketpress upgrade it without losing my products. ( a few hundred of them)