I have marketpress running on a site the I have set for multilingual

I have marketpress running on a multi-lingual site using WPML. I have created the products in both languages and modified the basic Store page to just display the products (there are only two and I like the format of how the short code displays better than the product page). Everything seems fine, but when I view the Store page in Spanish (called Ticket Sales or Compra Boletos) the short code displays the English version of the product and not the spanish. If I click the product it goes to the detail page in English not in Spanish. The multi lingual doesn't seem to work with the short code. The page is.... http://isla-mujeres-events.com/es/compra-boletos/ Can you help me fix this asap. It is confusing the spanish customers. Also related but not as critical the virtual pages for products, shopping cart and orders do not appear on the spanish version of the menu. I thought Marketpress was sold as completely multi lingual ready. Am I missing settings somewhere?