I have Multiple Membership on, but there is no way a customer can add another instance of the same

Hey everyone,

I have Multiple Membership on, but there is no way a customer can add another instance of the same level. There is only a cancel button if they already have that level.

See the screenshots.

I see that right now, it looks like it allows them to add other "separate" memberships that are not the same level.

However, we definately need to be able to allow customers to purchase multiple instances of the same level. Could you please add this ability within the Multiple Memberships plugin and or allow that as a optional behavior to allow us to toggle on and off within the add on Multiple Memberships or something?

Is there a workaround I can implement now though for them to accomplish (even if I have to manually do something for now)? I have customers to where they need to add multiple instances of the same level asap.

So, there options should show something like "Add" or simply just allow the same buttons to always be present for them to click to be able to add multiple instances of the same level at any time (right now if that have a instance of a level it ONLY shows "Cancel"). If they could see and use the "Signup" or "Complete Payment" as the button would be just fine with the same "Cancel" button on the left as it shows with some "Complete Payment" sections. When they cancel, it should only cancel one instance at a time (not all of them).

Does that make sense?

***For now, is there code I can add to just simply allow for the "Signup" or "Complete Payment" buttons to ALWAYS be present and persistent so that people can click on them to complete multiple instances of the same level now as a workaround?

***Then, perhaps, you guys can add this functionality more robustly within the plugin as a feature request or something?



  • Michelle Shull

    Hi, Greg!

    I'm happy to add a feature request, but you're right, currently Protected Content Multiple Memberships are for allowing users to belong to two different memberships at the same time, not multiple memberships to the same membership.

    As of right now, it's not possible to do this in Protected Content. I had a discussion with the developer himself on this not long ago, and it's because of how Protected Content handles determining if the user is in a membership or not. Highly simplified, this means the answer to "Is (x) user a member of (x) group?" is either true or false, there's no room in the code to determine how many times (x) user is a member of (x) group.

    This is one of the rare instances where even pointing you to a custom dev won't help, at this time there's no way to extend Protected Content to do this, it would need to be rewritten from the ground up.

    Hope this clarifies things, Greg!

  • Greg

    Hey there...

    Can we put this in a feature request (I have seen other threads requesting similar)? Otherwise, we have to create a bunch of different and private levels to actually accommodate multiple memberships of the same level (of course would be a real pain). This is what I have to do for now to get something to work but eventually it would just cause way too many membership levels to manage as it they would be the exact same thing as a workaround.

    Please let me know if we can make it a feature request.


  • Greg

    Hey there folks,

    May we make this a feature request?

    Multiple memberships, I believe, should be multiple memberships of any level (including multiple levels of the same membership level). The use cases are wide and varied on this.

    As a workaround, I am forced to create multiple separate levels to do this (but all of those levels I need to create are no different than the primary). For example, in my particular case, it is a 2nd, or 3rd service level for a 2nd or 3rd domain/website. But, there are many other use cases for this.

    Please make the "multiple memberships" truly multiple memberships (even of the same level).



  • Jude

    Hey Greg,

    Just writing to let you know we've moved this to the feature request section and will keep this open for other members to vote on.

    Also letting you know that Protected Content is a plugin which is actively being improved with new features and fixes. How fast this feature makes it into the plugin depends on how many people are interested in it.

    You have my vote for what its worth :slight_smile:


  • Greg

    @Jude and @Michelle Shull and others . . .

    Here is a feature request thread specifically on this issue in more detail (along with examples of use cases and a few annotated screenshots). I helps in showing why even more:

    ***Can you direct members to vote on the below thread and/or merge this one with the below one?



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