I have one question about google map plugin, is it suitable for business directory site with thousan

I am the one manage the map and create short code for my user. It will be long lists of may with many of short code and at the end it will be difficult to trace back the maps.
My site business directory not not allow users to access the WP admin. Any other simple way to manage the map ?

  • Choo
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    Yes, I am looking for a way to manage created maps. I have installed the Google Maps plugin. I noticed that whenever I want to create new map, I need to click the Map icon from the editor, then Pop up a list of existing maps. See the attached image.

    It will be difficult to manage he maps if there are thousand of maps lists Pop up on the page. Is it we have to manage the lists of thousand maps from this pop up screen?

    Or we have other better way ?


  • Jack Kitterhing
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    Hi there @Choo

    I hope you are well today and thanks for the additional information, I'm afraid currently this would be the only way, but I can understand that this would get very hard to manage with a lot of maps, I'm going to flag the lead developer @Vladislav here and see what he thinks of that.

    I'll also move this to the features and feedback area.

    Thank you!

    Kind Regards

  • Vladislav
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    As Jack said, the maps are currently managed only through the popup, but the popup allows for paging if the number of maps exceeds the maximum allowed number per page. By default, 50 maps will be shown per page, but you can change this by setting the AGM_GET_MAPS_LIMIT define to a lower value. For an example, this is how you'd show 10 maps per page in the managing popup:

    define('AGM_GET_MAPS_LIMIT', 10, true);

  • Choo
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    Hi ,Vladislav ,

    Thank you very much for the info. However, I tried but couldn't find this setting.
    This defined value is saved in which file (.php)? There are quite a lot of files included in this Google Maps plugin.

    Thanks in advance.

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