I have optimized my website with Hummingbird and Smush but still the performance test is not good.

I’ve enabled cache and configured assets optimization with HB, Smushed images and both CDN is turned on. But still the performance test score is not good.

  • Nebu John
    • Staff

    Hi Joshua Liddell,

    Hope you are doing fine today.

    Further troubleshooting, I cleared cache and re-checked files in Asset Optimization. And ran a new performance test and noticed a significant change in the result. However, it is not a best result.

    From Hummingbird Audit report, I noticed two opportunities where you can improve your page load speed and estimates how much faster the page will load if the improvement is implemented.

    1) Reduce server response times (TTFB)
    Usually, your installed WordPress plugins have a huge impact on your page generation time. I can see that a lot of plugins are running on an outdated version and needs to be updated. I appreciate if you could update them to the latest version and remove those are unused.

    2) Eliminate render-blocking resources
    You can improve page load speed by deferring all non-critical style scripts and loading critical scripts first. You can do this by the with the advance mode of Asset Optimization.

    On “Dashboard >> Hummingbird >> Asset Optimization” page you can switch listing to “Advanced” mode. This would reveal additional options:

    – “combine”, “move to footer”, “inline” for CSS files

    – “combine”, “move to footer”, “force load after the page is loaded” for JS files

    The goal would be to combine, move to the footer, inline and “force load after the page is loaded” as many assets as possible without breaking the site. It’s a bit difficult and time-consuming to set that up because it’s mostly a “trial and error” process: you need to play with these options for one file, checking the site if it works fine and then move on to next file and so on until the end of the list, meanwhile sometimes even getting back to one of the already configured files and changing its options. So, it’s a “daunting” task but worth taking some time as it might nicely improve both PageSpeed/Hummingbird score and actual performance.

    Let us know if you need any further assistance.

    Kind Regards,
    Nebu John

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