I have pro-site set-up. When I create a new site, the WP

I have pro-site set-up. When I create a new site, the WP ADMIN bar links to the primary blog 1 dash board rather than the new members site dashboard. This occurs under the upper right member pull-down where they also have a profile link (that works correctly) and a logout link on this pull-down. But the site dashboard link there is incorrect.

Also, if I click where it says YOUR ACCOUNT (in left nav) it takes my member to the account page (which is mostly the big grid pricing page), but once on this account page the nav bar will not get you back to the right admin. Instead it goes to the blog 1 dashboard (with access denied).

I do have the Ultimate Branding plugin installed, I was trying to use that to limit this admin bar.

Any suggestions?

Here is a test site to login and look at:


login = testeleven@everythinggenius.com

pass = FFZ2G

There is one site up at this login:


You’ll readily see how confusing it is to get to the member dashboard.

And suggestions?