I have Question about customizing a WP E Commerce site, any members work with WP E Comm?

My client has a current site using WP E Commerce and would like to add the ability to give some key customers a discount on items. For example can we set up a category that if someone is listed in that category they get a percentage discount. And can it show the discount on each item. I have an example of what I would like, but I am not sure where to email it to.

This would allow him to set up dealer levels that give a discount per item based on their level. So when a dealer signs onto the site they get the discounted price. If you could send me an email I could send you a PDF file of what I would like the customers to see, It would show the regular price and then next to it their discounted price because they are a dealer.

Thank you

Rick Jones

  • Patrick

    Hey there @Rick

    Welcome to the forums, glad to have you aboard!

    You can post screenshots or mockup illustrations of the configuration you're after here in the forums.

    If any other members are using WP E-Commerce and would like to help out, it would that much easier for them to do so. :slight_smile:

    However, in our MarketPress e-commerce plugin, you can create coupon codes (with/without expiry dates and/or use limits) that can apply to specific product categories.

    That way, if you give a code to one of your dealers, they can get their discount on any product in their designated product category.

    Is there not a similar feature in WP E-Commerce that can be leveraged in a similar fashion?

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