I have question on New blog template

I have a question on New blog template my NBT is latest version , and i had a install AffiliateWP as my template. I would like my every sub-site has affiliate feature.Here is the screenshot of my template http://screenshot.co/#!/437241ab74
here is when i create my sub-site it will appear this error http://screenshot.co/#!/11c31f00ba
What should i do or i might missed something when setting up the New blog template.
Can you help me to solve this ?



  • Rupok

    Hi Cole

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

    Probably your site is in Japanese language. I do apologize but I can't read Japanese. Is it possible for you to temporarily switch site language to English, take a screenshot and then switch back to Japanese again? That will really help us to understand your current configuration.

    You said you are using AffiliateWP which is a third party paid plugin and I have no access to its coding architecture. So I am not exactly sure about where the conflict is occurring. But from your second screenshot, it seems like there is a database table missing which is totally related with AffiliateWP plugin. As I don't have access to that plugin, I really don't know if that table is supposed to be there or not.

    Can you try disabling, deleting and then reinstalling AffiliateWP plugin? It will rebuilt the database tables and if any table is missing, that will be added. And can you please ask on their support page (https://affiliatewp.com/support/) regarding this? They can give you best idea.

    Have a nice day. Cheers!

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