I have questions regarding Appointments+: We are an agency

I have questions regarding Appointments+:

We are an agency who works with freelancers and clients. I'd like an online self-booking system that gives client the ability to directly book for the service of a freelancer, which will make it a mostly automated system and as an agency, we only intervene when required.

1) Client book for certain employee. Can employee accept/reject requests without admin involvement - however admin can intervene if necessary?

2) when client book for a certain employee but that employee is not available, is it possible for the system to automatically request for 2nd (and 3rd) choice? Or do client need to retry until s/he find an employee who is able to accept the request?

3) invoicing/billing/payment system: is it easy to generate reports (e.g. unpaid jobs, client's payment and request history, employee's service performed history, etc.)

4) we will need to enforce 48-hours cancellation policy. If client failed to give sufficient notice, client will be billed. If sufficient notice are given, the client has an option to reschedule or to apply for refund.

5) all data generated by Appointments+ will be saved within our WordPress database?

I have more but it is a start.