I have read a little about the "Membership"-plugin. What


I have read a little about the "Membership"-plugin. What is the difference between "Membership" and "Pro Site"?

I have a multisite network, where people can register their own website and start selling products.
What I want is to make different levels for my clients.
1. for free with a small diskspace and minimum of options for design their site.
2. With more diskspace and a little more options for layout.
3. Even more diskspace and additional features.

Level 2-3 will be a payed level. Mounth or anual.

Can I use "Membership" for this or is it "Pro Site" I need for this?

Best, Tim

  • Tom Eagles


    Hey there Tim, in this case pro site is the way to go, the easiest way to look at this is this.

    a) Membership is for protecting content for example a tutorials site where members need to pay to see the tutorials

    b) Pro-Sites is about hosting sites for others to use.

    Now you can achieve all of the above with Pro sites take a look at our usage tab on the plugin page here, also take a look at our amazing video tutorials the complete list is here

    Marketpress our ecommerce plugin can be set to be a premium plugin so that only paid sites can create their own stores, also you can set certain themes per level which can be controlled by prosites so you can allow more per level or nicer ones for the higher levels, disk space etc all are able to be controlled using pro sites.

    There are loads of cool features you will discover as you go through the plugin.

    Don't forget to head over to our marketpress pages as well and the plugin page has also some amazing tutorials included as well, including also another series of videos.


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