I have set up a Visitor access level that I assigned

I have set up a Visitor access level that I assigned to strangers. I set up a Basic level with subscrption, and Audio level with subscription, a FYPD level with subscrption.

Under levels, for visitor, I assigned just two pages in the positive rules. The home page and the registration page.

Under audio level, I chose just one page, Daily Audios. In the Positive rules.

Under FYPD, I added the short-code, which I now think won't work to a course I have in LearnDash.

Under Rawk Starz I gave positive level access to the trial forum.

On my homepage where visitors are allowed. I put links to my Registration page (the link text says subscription), daily audio page , FYPD and Trial Forum which visitors don't have access to according to my level set up and to

I log out of my admin account and am returned to my home page.

When I click on any of the links, I am brought directly to the page I request, regardless of the levels.

Before I set the homepage as visitor access, I couldn't get to any of my pages because I was not registered, so I know Membership is on and working, except it isn't working for access levels.

What am I doing wrong?