I have set-up PayPal and created a subscribe button

I have set-up PayPal and created a subscribe button in the button factory. I have placed the copied code between A <TD AND </TD> tag at the bottom of a table. The button actually shows up as expected. However, when the button is clicked, I get a page that reads about:blank in my browser and an empty page appears.

I have placed this same copied code into a text widget on the same website and it works perfectly.

I even created a simple page named test and placed the same code on the page without any table. Again I get a “about:blank” in my browser and a blank page.

I a m using a localhost server and thinking that maybe it must be on a live site I recreated the same on my live site: http://onestoplearningcenter.com. The exact same thing happens on the live site.

Checking…I am fiunding this seems to only happen the first time I click on the button. On subsequent clicks I get to PayPal checkout.

Can someone shed some light on what may be happening. I have left the code on the page on the live site in the even someone wants to check directly. The page is: Membership Options Page in the main menu.