I have setup a free subscription among others. And also

I have setup a free subscription among others. And also have setup the Free subscription gateway and Paypal Express Gateway.

When I click on the button for my free subscription, I create the account and then the subscription popup window shows but it has 2 buttons. Hovering over them, they both show the same url to go to, my welcome page.

Question: why 2 buttons?


  • Alexander
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    Hi Joe,

    There should be a signup button for each active gateway, but I might be missing something here. Would you mind posting a screenshot of the two buttons? With Membership, there are quite a few places you might see signup buttons - this might help me identify what you're talking about a bit better.

    Best regards

  • Alexander
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    Hi @Joe,

    I'm sorry about the delay here. This happens whenever two gateways are active at once.

    You can deactivate the "Free subscriptions" gateway. Then in settings from the free subscription, just make it a "finite" or "indefinite" membership with a price of $0

    The reason for this is because only one gateway can be assigned to a member. The PayPal express gateway supports free checkouts if the price is zero. The free subscriptions gateway is really only for when you need to offer multiple subscriptions and you're not charging for anything.

    Hope this helps! Let me know if you need any other help here.

    Best regards

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