I have some problems with e-Newsletter. When I try


I have some problems with e-Newsletter.
When I try to upload new members to a group, using a csv file, I get the message :

The members who are bounced (I got a confirmation to the email address what i configured as bounce address) are not in the members list.

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hi Ella

    I hope you're well today and thanks for asking the question.

    This is a strange behavior. I can't produce it in my test site, even with wrong formatted csv. Though I think it may be issue with your server.

    Do you want me to take a look into your site and server? If yes, then please use our contact form to send details: https://premium.wpmudev.org/contact/

    Select "I have a different question"
    Subject: Attn - Ash
    Then details field include WP login info, ftp info and phpmyadmin info. And also a link of this thread so that I can track.


  • Ella
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi @Ashok,

    Thank you very much for your offer.
    I really appreciate your help, but to give my information from my site feels to give somebody totally strange the keys of my house, when I am not there.
    Hope you understand that.

    First of all: I like e-Newsletter and I hope that with my feedback I contribute a little bit.

    So whole night I was trying to find a solution.
    This is what I did:
    1. made a backup of the site and database.
    2. turned off all other plugins-> no change
    3.deleted all rules of my htaccess except the standard WP rules-> no change
    4.installed previous version of e-newsletter- no change
    5.With phpMyAdmin I analyzed, checked, repair all the tables of e-newsletter
    ->tables are ok, and repair an optimizing is not possible because of the table structure.

    6. from the database I deleted the tables enewsletter_members and enewsletter_member_group.-> After that I was again able to import my new members.

    7. Put back the old tables and again the function to import new members was not working.

    Ok, I can send my newsletter now but I lost my data of the previous newsletter.

    What I also experienced:
    I had three member groups in the old situation; one of 980 members and one of 4200 members.
    When you want to go to the member section, It takes really a long time before it is loaded (15 secs). It is very difficult to browse the members because on your screen the default is 15 members. When you changed that to (for example) to 100 members (first wait 15 sec) and then the next page has again the 15 members by default.

    In the overview I can see that 104 addresses were bounced but I can not see that in the member section " Show bounced"

    Is there a possibility to delete a group and all his members?
    Is there any possibility to get my old data back in E newsletter?

    With best regards,

  • Maniu
    • Developer

    Hey @Ella

    This issue seems to be really strange.
    Can you try updating to latest version and let me know how it goes? Membership part has been little bit improved. Stats for members may disappear for few minutes but after , it should be much better.

    You can try exporting and importing members with plugin - it may help!

    Let me know how it goes.

  • Ella
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hi @Maniu,

    Installed the latest version.
    I already had one list installed, when I tried to load the second one after 500 members it stopped and gave me this error: Error code: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

    After that it is not possible to import anything, again the same error code. It seems that the data base is crashing. When I delete the data base then I am able to import and then after the second list, again the database crashes.


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