I have some Qs about hosting

Currently I run my own server and am interested in not doing that work any more… so, I understand that these are isolated VPS systems… wondering:

1) what virtualization technology is used (eg. KVM/openvz)?
2) What OS? if its Ubuntu 18.04 then wondering if Ubuntu’s Hardware Enablement Stack is in place to allow use of kernel 5.0 (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack)
3) what CPU + Kernel is being used to guess if I’ll be taking a significant performance hit in migrating
4) Some are around support for WP Ultimo plugin: I use WP Ultimo for automatic subdomain creation, domain mapping, and autossl. want to verify that these functions are achievable — understand that this may require some configuration fine tuning, just wanting to make sure that there isn’t some known issue or conflict…