i have some queries for multisites I have a community


i have some queries for multisites

I have a community of mothers ( http://www.indiamums.com) . I need to create separate sites for every mother who can host their own products and sell . I need to know what are the plug ins i must install.
I need the following :
a) http://www.indiamums.com/ mummy name
b) a mummy can assign her own domain name and it gets done from here so for e.g mummy domain comes : for e.g. http://www.mummum.com ( but on our site )
c) mums should have a selection of themes to do up their store and tools to communicate and post
d ) One common directory in front page for users to search
e) the shopping cart is the same and we should be able to identify which mothers product has come for order from common order system and to send to them for processng.

f) mothers should be able to load their products themselevs on the sytem but all orders wil come to a central system

Oh also I need multi city multy mothers
so for eg. http://www.indiamums.com / newdelhi / mumsname or can this be delhi.indiamums.com/mums name ?