I have some questions regarding the Marketpress plugin.

I have some questions regarding the Marketpress plugin. The scenario we are working on is a single back end system of products. These products will have descriptions along with custom features/info, specs, etc. Some items will be for sale and some will be purely informational given distributor restrictions. This central products database would then be shared across multiple sites which it seems like Marketpress can do. One kicker though is that not all sites that share this product database, sell the same product subset, meaning the goal would be that they can choose which products from the master catalog they want on their site, and then from there, which they would like to have for sale, pricing, etc or for product info only if they don’t want a shopping cart option at all.

Hopefully the scenario makes sense. Wondering if Marketpress would be a good fit for this or if it doesn’t quite have the flexibility we’re looking for.

Thanks in advance for the additional info!